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Need a Full Service and Flexible Term Warehouse Space?

Crate improves your business with quick, size-to-fit private warehouse and office suites.

Need a Full Service and Flexible Term Warehouse Space?

Store, Sell and ship more products to your customers from a full service distribution hub.

Need a Full Service and Flexible Term Warehouse Space?

Get logistical support on site when you need it from our facility management and services team.

Need a Full Service and Flexible Term Warehouse Space?

Find additional warehouse services and products available on location to make life easy!


Located just off of Highway 290 and 43rd Street, Crate is perfectly situated in Northwest Houston's primary industrial corridor.

Location: 7250 West 43rd Street, Houston, Texas 77092

Term: Short Term Flexible

Space Sizes: 300 square feet to 5,000+ square feet

Space Types: Private Warehouse & Private Office

Rent a Warehouse Suite. Rent an Office Suite. Rent Both.

  • Move In Immediately
  • Our facility has private space options for both warehouse and office uses
  • Warehouse suites range from 300 up to 5000+ SF
  • HIGHLY FLEXIBLE TERMS- Rent for 3 months or longer
  • Pay one simple flat monthly rate with no hidden charges whatsoever
  • Full access to all resources including loading docks, forklift & other loading equipment, conference rooms, kitchen & lounge
  • Shrink or grow your space anytime depending on your business needs

Security, Efficiency and Comfort Are Our Biggest Priorities

  • Controlled access for Crate members only. Visitors sign in
  • The property is under Enterprise - level 24 hour video surveillance, 7 days a week
  • Periodic on-site security guard patrol
  • Full time On-site facility management office
  • Your office suite & all common areas cleaned by our team every night

Strategically Located to Get You Closer to Your Customers

  • Northwest Houston - Hempstead and Highway 290 Corridor
  • At the center of a distribution core close to suppliers,
    vendors & manufacturers
  • Favorable last mile positioning in a high population pocket
  • Ample parking for employees
  • Plus size vehicle parking available

Shipping, Receiving
and Storing Inventory

  • The property is equipped with both dock high and grade level loading and unloading areas
  • On-site resources like forklifts & pallet stackers are available to reserve at no cost
  • With a little notice, our community manager can assist with any logistical requirements you have
  • Truck courts can accommodate full size freight trucks and smaller vehicles

Robust Services

  • Need help shipping or receiving your inventory? Schedule a Crate team of trained specialists ahead of time.
  • Book assistance by the load or by the hour
  • Can’t be at the facility for a shipment? We’ll receive it for you and place it in your unit.