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Located right off of Hempstead Highway, just West of Highway 290, our location is perfectly situated in Houston's primary Industrial corridor.

Starting Price: $600

Location: 7250 West 43rd Street, Houston, Texas 77092

Term: Short Term Flexible

Space Sizes: 300 square feet to 5,000+ square feet

Space Types: Private Warehouse & Private Office

Rent a Warehouse Suite. Rent an Office Suite. Rent Both.

  • Move In Immediately
  • Our hub has dedicated and private space options for both warehouse and office uses
  • Warehouse suites range from 300 up to 5000+ SF
  • HIGHLY FLEXIBLE TERMS- Rent for 3 months or longer
  • Pay one simple flat monthly rate with no hidden charges whatsoever
  • Full access to all resources including loading docks, forklift & other loading equipment, conference rooms, kitchen & lounge
  • Shrink or grow your space anytime depending on your business needs

Security, Efficiency and Comfort Are Our Biggest Priorities

  • Controlled access for members only. Visitors sign in
  • The property is under 24 hour video surveillance, 7 days
    a week
  • Periodic on-site security guard patrol
  • Full time On-site community management office
  • Your office suite & all common areas cleaned by our team every night

Strategically Located to Get You Closer to Your Customers

  • Northwest Houston - Hempstead and Highway 290 Corridor
  • At the center of a distribution core close to suppliers,
    vendors & manufacturers
  • Favorable last mile positioning in a high population pocket
  • Ample parking for employees
  • Plus size vehicle parking available

Shipping, Receiving
and Storing Inventory

  • The property is equipped with both dock high and grade level loading and unloading areas
  • On-site resources like forklifts & pallet stackers are available to reserve at no cost
  • With a little notice, our community manager can assist with any logistical requirements you have
  • Truck courts can accommodate full size freight trucks and smaller vehicles

Ecosystem of Companies

  • Share warehouse real estate with like minded tenants of all sizes
  • Tap into the community whenever you need to collaborate
  • Enjoy on-site programming and networking to help you optimize and grow

Sample Pricing


Size Monthly Rent $ Per square foot savings
250-500 SF From $500 -
600-1000 SF From $978 16%
1000-2000 SF From $1,595 29%
2000-3500 SF From $3000 39%
4000+SF From $5000 40%+


Size Monthly Rent
1-2 Person SF From $230
2-4 Person SF From $535
5 Person From $760

Crate Cost Benefit vs.
 Traditional Warehouse



Traditional Warehouse

Base Monthly Rent(1000 SF) $1,680 $600
CAMs Included $150
Connectivity Included $150
Electrical Included $100
Waste Porter Included $100
Maintenance Included $150
Forklift Included $500
Extra Costs Included $200
Total $1,680 $1,950